Atique is open for collaboration and partnership with like-minded organizations and institutions, public as well as private.

As a sophisticated online tool with a global reach we can provide an international audience for your content. At our site your work will be displayed in the most efficient, clear and professional manner while all transactions are managed with efficiency and transparency.

If you are an Art Gallery or an Antique Dealer and you are planning to have your own online retailing site you might first consider having your products displayed in Atique so that we may handle that aspect for you.

We do not require exclusivity, you just place your content at our site at no cost to you, only in the event of a sale we charge a fee on top of the agreed price.

We are a small company that is slowly making inroads in the Antique and Art market so at these early stages of our development we are especially keen to forge partnerships with content providers of any kind as well as related services, be it transportation, handling, storage, auctioning, etc.

Whatever your idea for collaboration may be please do let us now.