If you are an Artist and you are struggling to sell your work Atique is the place for you. We welcome all forms of Artistic Expression, whatever your discipline is you may use our online platform to give your work the maximum exposure possible.

Feel free to contact us and let us see your work, if it meets the standards that Atique has set itself to maintain, that is, to exhibit the most promising emerging art as well as the best selection of already established artists, then you can enjoy the best presentation possible for your work.

You may place a reproduction of your work at our site at no cost to you, and we do not require exclusivity, we charge a fee on top of the agreed price only in case of a sale.

If you already have a deal with a given Gallery you may ask them to contact us and we can offer them the same conditions. Its a winning solution for all involved.

We particularly welcome emerging artists, so if you have just started your artistic carrer Atique may be the ideal place for you.